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Did you know a general home inspector normally does not have the knowledge to properly inspect your septic system and drainfields? When you are buying a home with a septic system, it is important to know what shape the system is in. Be sure to have your septic inspection done correctly by a professional with to knowledge to detect any issues and repair them correctly. Contact Stamie Lyttle. If you are interested in having a residential septic tank inspection, please call us at 804.232.6774 or contact us online.

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Septic Inspection Q&A

Do I need to have my tank pumped before a septic inspection?

We will determine, during our inspection, whether or not your tank needs to be pumped.

How does a residential septic inspection work?

In order to properly inspect your septic system, we first open up your septic tank. This allows us to see the condition of the Outlet-T (where the sewer water flows from the tank to the distribution box) and check the levels of the tank. At this time we will determine whether or not your system requires septic tank pumping.


If someone is home during the inspection, we will have them flush a toilet. This will help us confirm the working order of the Inlet-T (or how waste from your house runs into the tank).


Next we perform the most important part of the process: we dig up the distribution box. We look and make sure there are no cracks or sludge in the box and check to make sure it is distributing the water properly into your drainfield. If there is sludge or roots in the box this can be a sign of overuse and it will need to be cleaned more frequently. Generally distribution boxes will last 25-30 years. If there are cracks or defects it will need to be replaced.

Last we core or drill the drainfield. We use an auger and take samples of the drainfield. We are looking for damp or dry samples. If there is any sludge or roots, you may need drainfield repair.

If, during the inspection process we find problems, will we help you contact the health department and obtain any necessary permits to get your system repaired.

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    If you are a real estate agent or homeowner looking for a professional and thorough residential septic inspection, call us at 804.232.6774 or contact us via email. We are available during our normal business hours – Monday-Friday, 8am to 4:30pm.