Commercial Services

Precast Concrete Products

We manufacture all of our precast concrete products in house. From survey markers to meter boxes, weʼve got what youʼre looking for.

Below is a list of all of the products we carry. Donʼt see what youʼre looking for? We can also work with you to make custom pieces.

  • Survey Markers
  • Septic Tank Covers
  • Distributions Boxes
  • Well Tops
  • Well Curbing
  • Parking Bumpers and Pins
  • Splash Blocks for Downspouts (24″ x 12″)
  • Air Conditioning Pads
  • Generator Pads
  • M Series Concrete Vaults


      • 2 inch Meter Vaults
      • Compound Meter Vaults
      • Detector Check Vaults


  • Knockdown Vaults
  • Cast Iron Vault Lids
  • Meter Boxes
  • Air Release Boxes