Commercial Services

Sewer Video Inspection

Lyttle Utilities routinely performs the CCTV sewer video inspection for commercial and industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We do this work on underground sanitary and storm water pipes ranging in diameter from 3 to 24 inches. We have both push cameras from small diameter pipes  and crawler cameras for inspection of pipes ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches, which are equipped with pan and tilt viewing.

Sewer Video Inspection Equipment:

Mainline Crawler Cameras

Mainline cameras are high-definition precision pieces of recording equipment that are designed specifically to thrive within the environment of water and sewer pipelines and structures. They are robotically controlled crawler cameras that are equipped with full-function pan and tilt controls. This enables the operator to view and capture recordings of larger diameter pipe ranging in size from six to 24 inches.

Mainline cameras allow for the ability to precisely diagnose problems, as well as inspection of rehabilitated pipe from trenchless technologies. Our commercial clients appreciate the precision these cameras bring to our sewer line inspections. This video technology allows us to diagnose the situation and come up with solutions and estimates for remediation work. Give us a call at 804.232.6774 or contact us online to talk with one of our technicians about your commercial property needs.

Lateral Push Cameras

Push Cameras are compact, hand-operated precision pieces of equipment that can be deployed from hard-to-reach places into small diameter pipe. They are operated from a stationary user viewing a high-definition CCTV screen. This allows the operator to see any clogs, intrusions, breaches, and any other possible structural tribulations in the pipeline. Push cameras enable the ability to detect and pinpoint the location of otherwise unidentifiable problems.

Vertical Pole Cameras

The pole camera gives us the ability to do a 360° inspection of a vertical structure, such as a manhole or vault. The resulting images are extremely high resolution, so the structure can be inspected for the most subtle in deficiencies.

Sewer Video Inspection Software Capabilities

We maintain our software to meet and exceed the industry standard. Each of our operators is qualified in many different formats and software types to meet the expectation of your owner or engineer. 

Experience and Qualifications

In business since 1982, we have diagnosed sewer line problems through pipe inspections for thousands of commercial properties owners. So not only are you working with an experienced company, we also employ pros who have been certified by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies. “NASSCO’s Inspector Training and Certification Program (ITCP) is a new standard national training and certification program that provides field construction professionals (i.e., consulting and municipal engineers, contractors) with comprehensive learning and tools to understand and inspect trenchless pipeline renewal technology.” (source:

We have on-staff, NASSCO-certified, professional push and crawler camera operators. This enables us to able to provide the most qualified professionals currently available in the industry.

Give Lyttle Utilities a call at 804.232.6774 to find out more about our sewer line video inspection services. Our helpful staff is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 4:30pm to answer your questions and schedule an appointment.