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Open Positions on The Lyttle Companies Team! Please Share

  We Have Three Now Job Openings Click on a position below to see list of full details for each: Pump Technician  Pump Truck Driver Trenchless Technician    Joining the Lyttle Companies doesn’t just mean a paycheck. It means becoming a part of a family, and becoming  Wastwater professional!   To learn even more about Pump

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3 Septic System Myths: Debunked

1. Never Dispose of Food in The Garbage Disposal   This is a common saying for owners of a septic system. However, people commonly mistake the saying “don’t flush your dinner down the kitchen sink,” with “Don’t use your garbage disposal at all.” Your septic tank can handle small bits of food from normal use

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Laundry With A Septic System: 5 Tips to Prevent Septic Trouble.

  The Question everyone Wants to Know: Will Doing Laundry Harm Your Septic System?  Well, yes and no. Normal washing machine use will not damage your septic system, but it is possible to do damage by committing common mistakes. Luckily, by following 5 simple tips, you can be sure you’re taking care of your septic system and

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