A good plumber keeps your plumbing out of sight and out of mind! We hope you have a good one, or in the case of you visiting this page, hope we can make that happen. We perform the full range of plumbing repairs and plumbing installations, from clearing clogged drains to hot water heater installation, water purification, bathroom and kitchen remodels and installation of new kitchens and baths.

Plumber working in home being renovated
Plumber working in home being renovated

At Stamie E. Lyttle, your plumbing job is not “just a job”.

We want to educate and inspire the homeowner to know why water-saving appliances matter and what they can do to prolong the life of the whole-home plumbing system.

Stamie E. Lyttle company takes pride in being water and wastewater professionals – right up to the sink faucet and tub! For plumbing repair, service, emergencies or upgrades, our courteous professionals will exceed your expectations.

Our technicians work with today’s modern plumbing equipment, saving water and saving energy.

The Stamie E Lyttle staff has been trained to treat clogged drain emergencies as their own, doing what is in our power to find and fix whatever may be causing your issue.