How To: Do laundry with a septic system

How To: Do laundry with a septic system

Published on October 1, 2016

Rules, Rules, Rules

We got a ton of questions regarding what household cleaning products are safe for septic systems. Continue to know about it from this post, since here we specifically discuss about doing the laundry.


Water Use:

Taking care of your septic system always starts with a knowledge of what we flush down the drain. Today’s washing machine is “energy efficient”, using less detergent, less water and less energy than older models. The first thing to know about these “high efficiency” washing machines is that they discharge more water at once. The surge in water volume can exhacerbate groundwater saturation issues or partial blockages in the system, causing a backup inside of the house.

Energy Use:

If your house works like ours, you sort colors, whites, delicates and heavy cottons. We also strategically sort loads depending on “time to dry” and try to keep heavy loads towards the back of the queue.


Detergents come in many forms: liquids, powders and tablets. These products may contain bleach, enzymes and rinsing aids. Some detergents still contain phosphorus. Phosphorus is removed from wastewater and it is chemically bonded to in a process called adsorption. Excessive phosphates or an improperly operating system can cause algal growth and endanger aquatic wildlife.

Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners:

These products coat fabrics with compounds containing petroleum products, anti-foaming agents, smulsion stabilizers, fragrances, and artificial colors and dyes. These compounds include many things which can disrupt not only your septic system, but contain toxins which can be bad for the health of your family as well. If you suspect a disruption in your system, check out our page for related services.

What happens if my laundry starts to back up?

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