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Open Positions on The Lyttle Companies Team! Please Share

We Have Three Now Job Openings Click on a position below to see list of full details for each: Pump Technician¬† Pump Truck Driver Trenchless Technician¬†   Joining the Lyttle Companies doesn’t just mean a paycheck. It means becoming¬†a part of a family, and becoming Wastwater professional!   To learn even more about Pump Truck

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Why We Love Trenchless Technology

In order to explain why we love trenchless technology, we must typically discuss some things that most people would rather ignore. These much shunned topics of discussion revolve around anything that goes down any of the drains in a household, or is flushed down the toilet. Many individuals don’t think about hiring a residential or

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Why You Might Go Trenchless with Your Sewer Line Repair

Any sort of disruption to your day to day routine can end up causing a lot of stress. This is especially apparent when the disruption involves working on any part of your house or your yard, such as your sewer line. Normally, needing to repair your sewer line that is similar to garage works (including

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