Commercial Services

Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is the rain or snow from driveways, lawns, roofs, streets and other impervious surfaces occurs as a result of a weather event.  Many activities in urban areas contaminate stormwater runoff with pollutants such as automobile oil, grease, metals, sediment, bacteria from animal waste, nutrients and pesticides, as well as deposits from airborne pollutants. The stormwater runoff may enter surface waters directly or through natural and constructed channel systems. The DEQ regulations are constantly changing to address potential contamination of surface waters by pollutants. Stamie E. Lyttle is constantly working to service and meet those regulatory needs on behalf of our commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Whether a silt fence or cluster of stormwater filtration basins, Lyttle is equiped to make sure you comply with the latest DEQ standards as related to stormwater management. Some of our typical stormwater management equipment are included below:

Vacuum Trucks: Ideal for cleaning solid debris out of inlets, retention basins or filter basins.
Liquid Pump Trucks:
Liquid Pumper Truck
Liquid Waste Pump Truck is ideal for high-volume hauling activities where on-site decanting or disposal is prohibited.
High-Pressure Jet Trucks: Ideal for cleaning storm sewer lines and inlets
Sewerage truck on street working - clean up sewerage overflows, cleaning pipelines and potential pollution issues from an modern building.
High-Pressure Jet Truck on street working – cleans up sewage overflows, cleaning/jetting pipelines, and mitigating pollution and blockage issues.
Long-Reach Excavators: 
An excavator with a long-reach boom is ideal for cleaning/dredging storm ponds or sediment out of large structures.

The Right Qualifications for the Job

We have several individuals who have been trained and certified as Responsible Land Disturbers. In addition, we currently have DEQ-certified Stormwater Management Inspector on staff. We value the importance of maintaining proper credentials and continuing education for our personnel, seeing depth of knowledge a major asset for our customers.

The Most Experience for the Job

In 2015, The Lyttle Companies acquired Atlas Industrial, a second-to-none local company when it comes to stormwater management and industrial cleaning. Since then, Lyttle has leveraged its breadth of environmental knowledge with the Atlas depth of industrial cleaning technologies to create a one-of-a-kind environmental managed service group.