Residential Services

From cleaning a septic tank, to lining a sewer line to making sure your septic system is in working order before you sell, Stamie Lyttle has got you covered. If you think you have a problem, give us a call. Our friendly staff will help you figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. We like to say we specialize in tricky problems. There isn’t a job too big (or dirty) that Stamie Lyttle can’t handle.

Pump Truck technician uses 3"-4" hose to clean out septic systems, grease traps, and holding tanks.

Residential Septic Services

Since 1947, Richmond homeowners evaluating septic system companies have contacted Stamie Lyttle because of our ability to fix a variety of problems and help in emergencies.

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Hands of professional Plumber with a wrench. Clogged sink.


We take pride in being water and wastewater professionals - right up to the sink faucet and tub! For plumbing repair, service, emergencies or upgrades, our courteous professionals will exceed your expectations.

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Septic System Site Evaluation & Design

As a company involved in septic system installation and maintenance since 1947, it only makes sense that we’d know how to play matchmaker between the site and the system. That’s why we have licensed onsite soil evaluators on staff that are knowledgeable, experienced and focused on helping you select the most appropriate septic system for

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Septic System Operation & Maintenance

Septic System Maintenance Contracts A residential septic tank system differs from a municipal sewer system in that the homeowner is directly responsible for the septic system maintenance. Maintenance includes having the system routinely inspected, adjusted and pumped, as necessary, to prevent odors and costly system repairs. Regular, preventative maintenance will not only diagnose potential problems,

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Closeup of a sink S Trap made of white PVC plastic with a broken connection and water pouring out. Square format over a gray background.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services

When the toilet backs up, sink overflows, or tub won’t drain, it means there is a blockage in the line. Most homeowners keep a plunger or small sewer snake available. When those tools won’t do the trick, call us. We have a wide variety and size of drain cleaning equipment made specifically for the hard-to-unstop

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