Commercial Services

Lyttle Utilities, Inc. was started in 1982 as a sister company to Stamie E. Lyttle Co. Lyttle Utilities, Inc. and specializes in the installation and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems. We have successfully value engineered and completed numerous trenchless rehabilitation and protective coatings projects, as well as new sewer and water construction over the past 29 years. We have highly trained and certified employees that diligently work to resolve your problems. Lyttle Utilities, Inc. has worked up and down the east coast and can customize a solution to your wastewater and protective coating needs.

Sewerage truck on street working - clean up sewerage overflows, cleaning pipelines and potential pollution issues from an modern building.

Grease Trap Services

We offer cleaning and maintenance for both grease interceptors and grease traps. Our team is prepared to work with your existing kitchen maintenance program to match timing Grease Interceptor Cleaning and Maintenance Grease Interceptors can be out of sight and out of mind – or they can be located in the middle of your drive-through,

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camera in pipe

Mainline Sewer Video Inspections

Lyttle Utilities routinely performs CCTV pipe inspections for commercial and industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We do this work on underground sanitary and storm water pipes ranging in diameter from 3 to 24 inches. We have both push cameras from small diameter pipes  and crawler cameras for inspection of pipes ranging from 6 inches to

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utilities workers moves the manhole cover to check the sewer line for clogs

Commercial Jetting and Drain Cleaning

Lyttle has worked alongside commercial property owners and managers since we went into business in 1947. Drain cleaning is something we do multiple times a day in multiple situations – there’s nothing we can’t unstop! Whether it is an emergency situation, or a commercial drain maintenance call, we are able to provide you with quick service.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair

Commercial property owners prefer trenchless pipe replacement (or repair) because it allow us to fix pipes without digging up landscaping, sidewalks, or parking lots. It is done using technologies that allow for replacement, rehabilitation, renovation, repair, inspection, or location and leak detection with minimum-to-no excavation from the ground level. Using trenchless technologies to repair or

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Pump Station Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Sewage pump stations operate quietly in the harshest of environments. Over time, sanitary raw sewage and gas corrodes and breaks down all the equipment contained in, and surrounding, the wet well. Pump station maintenance involves a combination of plumbing skills, electrical skills, controls experience, structural know-how and a good knowledge of safety practices and rules.

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Underground Utility Construction and Maintenance

Most of us dispose of sewer waste using the same Roman methods developed a thousand years ago. The idea is to remove waste from a higher location to a place at a lower location through a pipe, with the force of gravity doing the actual removal. This is why they are referred to as “gravity sewer” lines. Gravity

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Concrete Products

We manufacture all of our concrete products in house. From survey markers to meter boxes, weʼve got what youʼre looking for. Below is a list of all of the products we carry. Donʼt see what youʼre looking for? We can also work with you to make custom pieces. Survey Markers Septic Tank Covers Distributions Boxes

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Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is the rain or snow from driveways, lawns, roofs, streets and other impervious surfaces occurs as a result of a weather event.  Many activities in urban areas contaminate stormwater runoff with pollutants such as automobile oil, grease, metals, sediment, bacteria from animal waste, nutrients and pesticides, as well as deposits from airborne pollutants. The stormwater runoff

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